SEE AS GOD SEES – Session #5: How Strong Is the Body of Christ
SEE AS GOD SEES – Session #5: How Strong Is the Body of Christ

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Rebuild Hebraic Foundation
Why Christianity Split from Judaism
Christians Doing Judaism

I have been waiting a long time to teach this particular session because it is critical to how well we navigate the turbulent time that remains on earth before entering the Kingdom.

You will understand why there is such a longing among many Christians to re-connect with our Jewish roots. It is not by chance. Rather, we are fulfilling Old Testament prophecies of God calling His Gentile believers home! This session will both challenge and stretch you. The module itself is shorter to allow more time for discussion.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The Differences Between Judaism and Christianity
  • Why Christianity Split from Judaism
  • Ways to Rebuild Our Hebraic Foundation to Prepare Us for the Kingdom

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase it separately – but there is considerable savings if you purchase the entire course. See course information HERE.

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