SEE AS GOD SEES – Session #4: The Levitical Bootcamp (Operation Delta)
SEE AS GOD SEES – Session #4: The Levitical Bootcamp (Operation Delta)

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The Levitical Calling

This session gets deep into the nitty gritting of this calling, representing key lessons I have learned walking the Levitical journey.

Operation Delta covers five (5) modules concerning what it means to be called as a Levite today:

  1. Our Duties
  2. Our Directional Position
  3. Our Division
  4. Our Detection Device
  5. Our Two Greatest Dangers

You will learn which of the three Levitical divisions you are being called. You will also learn to identify and grow your very unique leadership skills – and whether you are called to Ministry (Religion)…or to another sector (Family…Business…Education…Government…Media…Arts/Entertainment/Sports).

This session is all about identifying your place and developing the skills needed for the position He has for you in the Kingdom.

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase it separately – but there is considerable savings if you purchase the entire course. See course information HERE.

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