PACKAGE YOURSELF - Session #5:  Corporate - Part 1 (Building Your Infrastructure)
PACKAGE YOURSELF - Session #5: Corporate - Part 1 (Building Your Infrastructure)

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building corporate strategy
corporate entities

This session will take you to the left side of your brain and acquaint you with legal terms, corporate entities and business strategies. The goal of these next two sessions is to help you build wealth as well as build a legacy with your business strategy so that you can help others.

I am not an attorney. Rather, I have spent years and thousands of dollars attending business and financial conferences, earning an MBA and learning ways to set up business systems for success, having learned many mistakes over 40 years.

What you'll learn:

  • How to choose the right corporate entity for you.
  • What entities are best for lawsuit protection.
  • Which entities are best for wealth preservation.
  • Tips on developing your corporate goals.

File Attachments

Session #5 Assignment: Understanding Corporate Entities.pdf

This exercise will help you choose the entities that are right for you. Please complete before viewing Session #5.

Session #5 Assignment.pdf

Session #5 Resources.pdf

Resources to help you go deeper if you wish.

Session #5 Resources.pdf