PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #3:  Content - Part 1 (Your Messaging)
PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #3: Content - Part 1 (Your Messaging)

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niche yourself in the market
master your messaging
describing your calling

These two sessions on Content are critically important in differentiating yourself from all the other people who are trying to launch their business, ministry or product. It takes time to find the right words (messaging) in order to properly brand yourself in the market.

If you sincerely do the work outlined in this course, you will save thousands of dollars. How? I am passing on to you what it took me years and great expense to learn.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • See the track record of your gifts in operation.
  • How to formulate your messaging.
  • How to identify your target market(s).

Note: Please complete the Session #3 assignment I've attached before watching the video. It is designed to locate key memories that will help you see the "wonders" God put into your life!

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Session #3 Assignment: Discover Wonders God Put Inside You.pdf

Please carve out some quiet time to do this assignment. It is very important.

Session #3 Assignment.pdf