PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #2:  Calling - Part 2 (Your Purpose)
PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #2: Calling - Part 2 (Your Purpose)

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finding your calling
The Law of the Seed
Naming your seed

This session continues to build the important foundation for understanding who you were created to be, explaining the life-changing principles found in The Law of the Seed. The seed is YOU.

Part #1 was all about how to "name your seed." In Part #2, you'll learn what happens to the seed (you) once you "plant it in the ground." The goal is to learn how to help your seed grow into all that God intended.

You'll learn to:

  • Identify your enemies.
  • Identify your motivational patterns.
  • Identify the signals broadcasting from your seed.

These insights will help you "walk out your calling."

Note: I have attached two assignments for you to do following Session #1 and before you watch Session #2. You will get a lot more out of this module if you have done the self-discovery work prior to viewing it.

File Attachments

Session #2 Assignment: What's Stopping You?.pdf

Please do this short assignment before watching Session #2.

Session #2 Assignment_What's Stopping You? copy.pdf

Session #2 Assignment: Whoo Are You?.pdf

I recommend you do this assignment before watching Session #2. Its purpose is to uncover the gifts and motivational patterns that have surfaced throughout your life. The teaching module will make more sense once you have done this important self-discovery exercise.

Session #2 Assignment_Whoo Are You? (gifts & motivations) copy.pdf

Session #2 Resources.pdf

Following completion of Session #2, this attachment provides you with resources you might find helpful.

Session #2 Resources.pdf