Navigate The End Times_Session #7:  "Finding Your Place As End Times Unfold"
Navigate The End Times_Session #7: "Finding Your Place As End Times Unfold"

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This is the longest session in the course. This is when everything comes together.

Here's an overview:

  • Takeaways from the end of Noah's journey*.
  • Takeaways from our Levitical assignment.
  • Insights from the End of Jesus' life.
  • Insights from the end of 40 years in the wilderness.
  • Understand what God has given YOU to carry. (i.e., Where is your "seed" now?)
  • A "Ladder Days" visual to carry with you.

NOTE: I recommend you view the first section on Noah's journey separately from the rest of the sections. It is heavy....we (the class and I) were all impacted by the sheer application to where we are today. Give yourself a break after this section and chronicle your own responses to the material. (Everything you have been reading in The Days of Noah will come alive to you.)

The remaining sections can all be viewed at the same time. Noah's foundation adds so much dimension into what this means in your life. What is your present understanding – given what we uncovered here – of where we are in God's timetable. This will help you see the options before you and provide wisdom in what you should be spending your time doing before Messiah comes for us.

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Assignments Before Session #7

Take your time with the reading. You'll see some of the questions and reflections have to do with what you enjoyed most about this course. Please feel free to email me your feedback. I pray you were challenged, enriched, empowered and enlightened in all that God has put inside of you! God bless.

Pre-Assignment_Session #7 (Yondo).pdf

Seed Investment Analysis Exercise

Please do your best to complete before viewing the teaching module. Don't worry about the column concerning your cash investment. That would take too long to do...I just want you to get a glimpse in all you have done to invest in what you have felt led to do with your life.

Seed Investment Analysis Worksheet.PDF

Next Steps After Completing The "Navigating The End Times" Course

This document provides links to important resources mentioned in Session #7, as well as to other courses and monographs you may be interested in. It also provides a link to set up one-on-one coaching sessions if you would like personalized feedback on your specific journey. It is always an honor to help someone get to that "next step." God bless!

Session #7 Next Steps.docx