Navigate The End Times_Session #6:  "Naming Your Seed"
Navigate The End Times_Session #6: "Naming Your Seed"

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This session is a continuation of the "Calling" modules that come from my course, Journey To The Center of You. Here is an outline of what this session contains:

  • How Dreams Are God's Seeds of Destiny
  • The 3-Stage Journey of the Seed
  • Learn Your DNA Motivational Patterns
  • Your Personal Seed Investment Inventory
  • How Your Seed Speaks To You

It is during this session when many "aha" moments come. Be prepared with paper and pen to record the memories from your life as they surface during the teaching. As a teacher, seeing the lightbulbs go on in students is such a thrill. Again, please read the testimonials in the general course description.

NOTE: If you want to take the entire Journey course to learn more about yourself, please email me at and tell me. I am happy to set up a discounted rate for you. Your self-discovery is very important to the Lord!

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Assignments Before Session #6

This assignment will stretch your thinking about yourself. Self-discovery is not a one-time thing. It is a process. You learn more and more about the unique way God designed YOU. Each new awareness impacts your view of yourself and what He called you to do in life.

Pre-Assignment_Session #6 (Yondo).pdf

Whoo Are You? (Exercise to Uncover Your Gifts & Motivations)

Please do not attempt to complete this before viewing Session #6. It is included here to give you a guideline on how to do it. Take your time with it. It's something you can do once you finish the course teaching itself. Actually, doing this exercise was tremendously helpful in my own understanding of my calling....and I dedicated the time it took for proper self-reflection. Input from family and close friends are encouraged and can be enlightening.

Session #6 Assignment_Whoo Are You? (gifts & motivations).pdf