Navigate The End Times_Session #4:  "Examination of Body of Christ - Part 2"
Navigate The End Times_Session #4: "Examination of Body of Christ - Part 2"

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This session is a continuation of Sessions #3 and taken from the Levitical Master Course "See As God Sees." It establishes for you God's chosen foundation and answers:

  • Why Christianity split from Judaism.
  • What does the New Testament say about doing Judaism.
  • Ways we can rebuild our Hebraic foundation.
  • How to begin to transition into your calling.

NOTE: If you want more of the Jewish roots foundation after you have completed this course, please contact me at and let me know you'd like to have access to the entire Levitical Master Course. I am happy to set up for you a discounted price.

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Assignments Before Session #4

You will see the reading assignments in The Levitical Calling begin to dovetail with what was going on in Noah's day. Again, I encourage you to write out your answers to the questions in each assignment, as they will help you in processing your interaction with the material and applying the principles to your life.

Pre-Assignment_Online Session #4 (Yondo).pdf