Navigate The End Times_Session #2:  "Understand The Levitical Calling"
Navigate The End Times_Session #2: "Understand The Levitical Calling"

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This session is arguably my most important teaching because it has taken so many years of my life to understand this calling and walk it out. The heart of it comes from the signature book chronicling my 50+ walk with the Lord. If you have felt called closer to God but are confused by the difficult journey you have had in your life thusfar, I believe this session will be a revelation.

It will shed light on why you have gone through such terrible trials. You are being called, refined, separated and consecrated for a most holy assignment.

Just as not every Jew was a Levite…so not every believer in Jesus has a Levitical calling. But if you are so called, you will learn what a precious invitation God is extending to you...and what it means for your life.

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Assignments Before Session #2

You will notice on each assignment, part of the reading prepares you for the session itself. The reading from "The Days of Noah" is one section at a time. By Session #7, I will bring all of that together with the other topics we have been covering. It will all make sense!

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