Navigate The End Times_Session #1:  "God
Navigate The End Times_Session #1: "God's Times and Seasons"

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In this introduction session, I outline the overview for the entire 7-session course. It will introduce you to the foundational biblical principles which:

  • Align you better with your Jewish roots.
  • Uncover the destiny God put inside you before you were born.
  • Identify the signs that show we are living right before the Day of the Lord.

My ultimate goal is to guide you into finding YOUR place in these End Times.

In this first session, you will learn key Hebrew concepts pertaining to God's Times and Seasons. You'll be introduced to the Hebrew word Tavniot (Pictures, exact replicas) - a communication style of using metaphorical language, which is the way God speaks. As I show you examples of word pictures and actual pictures layered with multiple meanings, you will begin to see and hear God in new ways!

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase it separately – but there is considerable savings if you purchase the entire course. See course information HERE.

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Assignments Before Session #1

I outline the reading assignments to prepare you for this session. Additionally, I provide specific questions I encourage you to answer. This self-paced style of study has been found to be helpful in chronicling your personal self-discovery. Where you begin with Session #1 is very different from where you will see yourself by the end of the course. NOTE: If at any point during the sessions, you wish to discuss something with me, you can always book a coaching session. To do so, go to my Coaching section on my website at and click on "Book A Session." The first 30-minutes is always free. After that, session rates are $150/hr.

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Next Steps for Further Study

This handout is for after you have completed Session 1. You may feel overwhelmed by all that you presently do not understand. Then again, you may be hungry for more. This handout includes links to valuable resources from my mentor, Rabbi Michael Washer…for whenever you may want to access them.

Session #1 Next Steps.docx