JOURNEY Session #5:  "The 6 Stages From A Career To A Calling"
JOURNEY Session #5: "The 6 Stages From A Career To A Calling"

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This session shares a screenwriter's take on "what makes a great story." I've been a screenwriter for many years. If you see an excellent film – a great redemption story – it succeeded because the STORYLINE was tight and well-executed. God is writing a redemption story of YOUR life....and He is the Master story teller.

God has already written your story! He wants you not to find the golden threads that connect the seemingly random scenes.


  • The importance of "Backstory." (these are the individual scenes of your life)
  • Arranged a certain way, you can see the way the writer (One who wrote your story in His book!) has crafted what happened to you…when…why…and for what outcome?
  • The 6 stages you must go through to arrive at your calling.
  • Examination of what stage you are presently in and what you need to do to move forward.
  • The final two laws of the seed's journey.

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase this session separately – but consider the savings if you purchase the entire course. See the complete course outlined HERE.

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