JOURNEY Session #3:  "The Law of the Seed"
JOURNEY Session #3: "The Law of the Seed"

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Law of the Seed

This session centers around the core lesson that changed the entire direction in my life when I lost almost everything during 9-11 and spent the next 3 years in the "wilderness" seeking God for answers to the meaning of life. What He taught me in a simple seed overwhelmed me. I have not been the same since.

I teach this universal law wherever I go. Ignoring it is why the majority of people never know what they were put on earth to do.

The secret to your destiny lies inside your "seed."


  • Lessons from the seed.
  • The 7-fold war against the seed.
  • The laws that taught me how to "name my seed."

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase this session separately – but consider the savings if you purchase the entire course. See the complete course outlined HERE.

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Pre-Assignment before Session #3.PDF

Pre-Assignment before Session #3.PDF

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Session #3 Assignment_What's Stopping You?.pdf