JOURNEY Session #1:  "How Well Do You Hear?"
JOURNEY Session #1: "How Well Do You Hear?"

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This introductory session outlines the course and pinpoints the foundational biblical principles that will guide you in self-discovery. The ultimate goal is for you to truly know who God made you to be and be on your way toward walking that destiny out.

This is not a "nebulous" course. It is grounded in deep excavation work into who you are, with many self-discovery exercises attached as pre-assignments.

Having lived out these principles, I try to tell it like it is. The road to "finding yourself" is not for the faint of heart. I acknowledge the many mistakes and failures I made...and share the aha moments that shifted my life into fast-forward.

Each module in this 6-part course expounds on my four-pronged outline:

  • HEARING - How do we hear God tell us about our calling?
  • RECEIVING - Do we really receive what we have heard?
  • STEWARDING - This area is not easily accessed by most believers because they neither "heard" from God nor did they "receive" it. Sadly, it is concerning this stage where we will give account to the Master. "How did you steward what I gave you?"
  • IMPLEMENTING - We can't walk out what we don't know. When we meet the Lord face to face, saying, "I did my best!" won't cut it.

This first session introduces you to the wonderful ways God speaks, especially how He tells us about our callings.

Get ready for a wonderful journey into the heart and soul of YOU!

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase this session separately – but just consider the savings if you purchase the entire course. See the complete course outlined HERE.

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Pre-Assignment before Session #1.PDF

Reading assignments will come from two of my books, as described in the Pre-Assignment handout.

Pre-Assignment before Session #1.PDF