Dr. Elizabeth Hairston Master Course Overview
Dr. Elizabeth Hairston Master Course Overview

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Elizabeth Hairston
Women With A Call International
pioneer in dance ministry
using the arts for the Lord
Candace Long

auDEO Media Group and I are proud to present a retrospective of a woman who not only played a significant role in my life, but who birthed an international movement of women anointed to carry God's presence through the arts.

In this free overview above, you will see how God chose to use Dr. Elizabeth to disrupt the religious establishment. Imagine opening your mouth to sing and all over the room women begin screaming as demons leave them! No one (including her) had ever seen music and dance used like that! But that was her assignment: "Carry My Presence...heal My women…and teach them what is required to carry this level of anointing."

This "course" is comprised of interviews in which Dr. Elizabeth shares intimate details surrounding how God called her…how she handled the rejection and jealousies she had to endure…and how doors opened for her to carry His anointing around the world.

This is a rare opportunity to learn wisdom and insights from a woman whom the Lord entrusted to carry His glory.

What You'll Learn In The Course

#1 The Calling_Parts 1 & 2Dr. Elizabeth shares her earliest sense of calling and what happened when she witnessed God use her music and dance in ways never before seen in churches.

What You'll Learn:

  • How she was mentored early on.
  • How she dealt with jealousies of others seeing God use her gifts rather than theirs.
  • Perspective as to why God may choose one and not another.
  • How to deal with your own insecurities at how God may want to use you.
  • The nature of God's anointing and learning how it individually manifests.

THE CHARACTER TESTING_Parts 3 & 4: You’ll hear about the 1980’s Florida revival that began when she was invited to minister briefly before the preacher spoke…only to have God show up during her performance. She recalls, “The preacher didn’t know what to do because the cloud of glory was in the house. Crowds came from all over for 6 straight nights to witness the healing and deliverance God was doing with the people. The revival lasted six weeks!”

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Her early growth as a ministry leader.
  • Her eye-witness account of living through the Joel prophecy in Acts 2. 
  • How she learned to deal with conflicts and jealousy manifesting in area church leaders.
  • Ways she heard God audibly and the miracles that happened by following what He said.
  • How Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Nigeria came to ordain her and the sudden expansion of her ministry. 
  • The vision of building a teaching center.
  • How Women With A Call International was birthed.

THE COMMISSIONING_Parts 5 & Part 6: You’ll hear how God prepared her to function as an apostle and the increase of spiritual warfare she experienced when she embraced that call.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • A historical perspective of why dancing in the church was such a threat to the enemy.
  • The freedom and level of deliverance that comes through dance.
  • The resistance many pastors had toward the type of freedom God desired to bring to His people.
  • How she learned to worship the Lord through the arts.
  • Wisdom in how spirit attaches to sound.
  • Dangers of defiling the altar.
  • Areas needed to set in order for younger women in ministry.
  • Her areas of greatest focus for this time in her ministry.
  • Important perspective for the thousands of women trained by her.

Ideal to Use for Groups

This course can be easily adapted to use for churches and groups. For example, you can view each module together and use the discussion questions provided by Dr. Hairston (attached as supplemental material). Or, you are free to create your own discussion time to be responsive to the needs of your group.

GROUP RATE: This course is priced for individuals. If you wish to use for a group, please contact us directly to obtain the "Group Rate" license, which will be billed separately.

Contact Candace Long_Producer: candacelong@me.com

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