6 Stages from Career to Calling - with Candace Long (MBA)
6 Stages from Career to Calling - with Candace Long (MBA)

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finding your signature voice
finding your purpose
discover your calling
biblical self-discovery principles

It is no longer desirable to just have a career. Rather, the highest level of work experience is to engage in satisfying work using your "signature strengths." In this webinar, I chronicle the 6 stages I uncovered over a five-decade long career and share the aha moment when I finally saw what I was born to do!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The difference between a career and a calling.
  • Where you are in these 6 stages and how to move forward.
  • New life-changing principles that take you deeper into self-discovery.

What Others Are Saying

"This is one of the finest, most candid presentations I’ve ever heard. What I liked best about it was your sincerity.”

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6 Stages Exercise.2020.pdf

Here is an interesting exercise I recommend you do before listening to the webinar. It will help you put into words what you "see yourself" becoming. Don't worry if you have trouble doing this exercise. Just trying to do it will help prepare you for the 6 stages you will learn.

6 Stages Exercise.2020.pdf