Package Yourself for a Successful Launch - with Candace Long (MBA)
Package Yourself for a Successful Launch - with Candace Long (MBA)

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I'm excited to offer this brand new Leadership Master Course called "How To Package Yourself for a Successful Launch!" If you are launching a new business or ministry, a project, or reinventing yourself during this stage in your life, this course is designed just for you. The reason why many start out and fail is that they lack a clear structure and personal hands-on coaching to guide them through each step.

Lessons Learned Over 40 Years

I have been an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 40 years, specializing in business communications, branding and marketing. I developed the "18-Step Checklist for Success" after learning these lessons the hard way. I want to save others from having to spend close to $100,000 looking for the two things I have pursued my entire life:

  1. How to know what I was created to do.
  2. How to walk out my destiny.

What To Expect

This "Package Yourself" course contains 6 instructional video modules. Each video includes self-discovery assignments (as attachments) for you to complete before viewing.

  • Session #1: Calling (Part 1 - Your Wiring)
  • Session #2: Calling (Part 2 - Your Purpose)
  • Session #3: Content (Part 1 - Your Messaging)
  • Session #4: Content (Part 2 - Your Branding)
  • Session #5: Corporate (Part 1 - Building Your Infrastructure)
  • Session #6: Corporate (Part 2 - Building Your Financial Plan)

The assignments and exercises are designed for you to dig deep into your life in search of the major threads which will help you: identify your calling, create your branding position, draft your mission statement, build your corporate structure, develop a sound business plan and attract strategic partners.

This is not a "passive course;" it's going to take effort from you. But I assure you that energy spent on self-discovery is one of the most important and fulfilling things you can do. Your breakthrough is just around the corner!

What Others Have Said About This Course

"This class was very detailed and informative – different from any other course I have seen. It was eye-opening to learn how people use gifts and talents to bring together who they are. I especially loved the way you put things in perspective regarding work and ministry. That really brought clarity."

(TA, Realtor)


"This class totally exceeded my expectations. It helped me to clarify what I need, how to think deeply, and how to move forward in my business. One assignment, in particular, opened my eyes to a whole new world of people like me. Through it, I made new friends and colleagues. I am honored to have taken this class." (GJR, Composer)


"The format and presentation was very well put together. I particularly enjoyed the segment pertaining to the seed – from germination to maturity. This is a process that we must understand, embrace, and patiently allow God to take us through." (MB, Minister)

Can I View Individual Sessions Rather Than Purchase The Whole Course?

Yes, if you just need one or two modules or if your budget is limited, these sessions may be purchased individually for $20 ea. To find out what's in each module, click on the title below for that session's content. Just know that if you purchase each one separately, you'll end up paying $120 for the course…instead of getting everything for only $100. It's totally up to you.

If you wish to purchase a single video, go to the Videos page and select the one you want.

PACKAGE YOURSELF - Session #1: Calling - Part 1 (Your Wiring)

The first session in this "Package Yourself for a Successful Launch" introduces you to important concepts involved with discovering what you were created to be. It will answer the question, "Does everyone have a calling?"

You'll learn:

  • How you are wired.
  • That you were created for a specific purpose.
  • How to "name your seed."

During the 9/11 crisis, I was embarked on the biggest venture of my life...only to end up almost losing everything. I was utterly broken…and broke. I went into a 3-year "wilderness" period intently seeking answers from God. I would not leave Him until He showed me why He had allowed my life to "tank." What I learned during those 3 years changed my life and serves as the core curriculum for these first two sessions on "Calling."

I will give you tools that will help you sift through the scenes of your life. What you'll be looking for are the God-threads that weave throughout the many gifts, talents, anointings, strengths and motivational patterns that have shown up at different stages of your life.

Get ready for an exciting ride of self-discovery! I encourage you to have a paper and pen handy and write down the memories that I believe will surface during each of these modules.

Note: There are two attachments: 1) The course syllabus; and 2) Additional resources that you may find helpful.

  • Session #1 Resources.pdf

    Additional resources if you want to explore deeper.

  • "Package Yourself" Syllabus: The 18-Step Checklist for a Successful Launch.pdf

    This syllabus gives you an overview of the objectives we'll cover in each session .

  • Master Course Instructions (To Set Up Your Yondo Account)

    Please print out these instructions for properly setting up your account with Yondo, with email and password. This will enable you to return to the videos you have purchased in your account whenever you wish.

PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #2: Calling - Part 2 (Your Purpose)

This session continues to build the important foundation for understanding who you were created to be, explaining the life-changing principles found in The Law of the Seed. The seed is YOU.

Part #1 was all about how to "name your seed." In Part #2, you'll learn what happens to the seed (you) once you "plant it in the ground." The goal is to learn how to help your seed grow into all that God intended.

You'll learn to:

  • Identify your enemies.
  • Identify your motivational patterns.
  • Identify the signals broadcasting from your seed.

These insights will help you "walk out your calling."

Note: I have attached two assignments for you to do following Session #1 and before you watch Session #2. You will get a lot more out of this module if you have done the self-discovery work prior to viewing it.

  • Session #2 Assignment: What's Stopping You?.pdf

    Please do this short assignment before watching Session #2.

  • Session #2 Assignment: Whoo Are You?.pdf

    I recommend you do this assignment before watching Session #2. Its purpose is to uncover the gifts and motivational patterns that have surfaced throughout your life. The teaching module will make more sense once you have done this important self-discovery exercise.

  • Session #2 Resources.pdf

    Following completion of Session #2, this attachment provides you with resources you might find helpful.

PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #3: Content - Part 1 (Your Messaging)

These two sessions on Content are critically important in differentiating yourself from all the other people who are trying to launch their business, ministry or product. It takes time to find the right words (messaging) in order to properly brand yourself in the market.

If you sincerely do the work outlined in this course, you will save thousands of dollars. How? I am passing on to you what it took me years and great expense to learn.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • See the track record of your gifts in operation.
  • How to formulate your messaging.
  • How to identify your target market(s).

Note: Please complete the Session #3 assignment I've attached before watching the video. It is designed to locate key memories that will help you see the "wonders" God put into your life!

  • Session #3 Assignment: Discover Wonders God Put Inside You.pdf

    Please carve out some quiet time to do this assignment. It is very important.

PACKAGE YOURSELF -Session #4: Content - Part 2 (Your Branding)

According to well-known branding authors Al and Laura Ries, "Branding in business is very similar to branding on the ranch. A branding program should be designed to differentiate you or your product from all the other cattle on the range...Successful branding programs are based on the concept of singularity. The objective is to create in the mind of the prospect the perception that there is no other product on the market quite like your product."

What makes this course unique is that rather than "create a perception of YOU," we will be looking for YOUR truth and branding that with opposed to just hyping you into something you pulled out of an imaginary sky.

Things you will learn:

  • How to find the real YOU and turn that into a genuine brand.
  • The various elements that comprise your brand.
  • How to identify your target market.
  • How to apply various "Laws of Marketing" to what you want to brand.

NOTE: This exercise has been shown to be very helpful to course attendees. You will begin to see how all the elements (from logo to typeface to color scheme) fit together to differentiating you or your product from everyone else out there.

  • Session #4 Assignment: Branding Research Exercise.pdf

    Please do this assignment before watching Session #4.

PACKAGE YOURSELF - Session #5: Corporate - Part 1 (Building Your Infrastructure)

This session will take you to the left side of your brain and acquaint you with legal terms, corporate entities and business strategies. The goal of these next two sessions is to help you build wealth as well as build a legacy with your business strategy so that you can help others.

I am not an attorney. Rather, I have spent years and thousands of dollars attending business and financial conferences, earning an MBA and learning ways to set up business systems for success, having learned many mistakes over 40 years.

What you'll learn:

  • How to choose the right corporate entity for you.
  • What entities are best for lawsuit protection.
  • Which entities are best for wealth preservation.
  • Tips on developing your corporate goals.
  • Session #5 Assignment: Understanding Corporate Entities.pdf

    This exercise will help you choose the entities that are right for you. Please complete before viewing Session #5.

  • Session #5 Resources.pdf

    Resources to help you go deeper if you wish.

PACKAGE YOURSELF - Session #6: Corporate - Part 2 (Building Your Financial Plan)

This final session of the 6-part course is to bring together everything we've discussed throughout the course.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to build your corporate infrastructure
  • How to build an optimum creative space to maximize productivity.
  • How to build a realistic operating budget.
  • Where to get your start-up money.
  • How to build your teams.
  • How to build your overall financial plan.

NOTE: I've included a handout of additional resources to help you go deeper into the areas of your interest. Please do not hesitate to write me any questions you may have. I am always available to book individual coaching or consulting sessions. Just email me and let me know how I can assist you get to that next level.

  • Excel Budget Template.xlsx

    Download this after viewing this final session. The formulas are built into the document, so you can input your own Income and Expenses and get a better handle on how to prepare a realistic budget as you build your financial foundation.