Navigate The End Times - with Candace Long (MBA)
Navigate The End Times - with Candace Long (MBA)

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Navigate The End Times

is my latest course which includes research and writing I've been involved with over the last several years concerning the shift from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age! This is a huge paradigm shift which requires preparation.

We ARE living in the very end of days before the Day of the Lord. Special attention is given in the course to one of the admonitions Jesus gave us concerning these times - they will be " it was in the Days of Noah."

What has become starkly real is that so many are just going through life as if nothing major were about to take place. Biblically, nothing could be further from the truth. This reality affects how we prepare for our family's safety during increasingly turbulent times…and the choices we each need to make in how best to invest our lives given the short time remaining.

This is a MASTER COURSE IN PROPER ALIGNMENT: 1) With our Jewish roots as God intended to prepare us for the Kingdom; 2) With the gifts and calling put inside of us before birth; and 3) With the assignment God has for us to serve Him in these end of days.

REQUIRED READING: You will need my books "The Levitical Calling" and "Wired for Creativity." Plus, my 7-section monograph "The Days of Noah" to be read one section at a time coinciding with the 7 sessions of the course. It helps me if you order these books directly from me, unless you prefer digital versions rather than hard copy books. I am offering a special discounted BOOK BUNDLE for $60, which includes all 3 books, coil binding for the monograph and shipped Priority Mail inside the US. Email me to order books:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When the Lord comes, make sure He finds you doing what He put you on earth to do.

What To Expect

This "End Times" course contains 7 instructional video modules. Each video includes self-discovery assignments (as attachments) for you to complete before viewing each module.

  • Session #1: God's Times & Seasons
  • Session #2: Understand The Levitical Calling
  • Session #3: Examination of the Body of Christ, Part 1
  • Session #4: Examination of the Body of Christ, Part 2
  • Session #5: Cracking Your Genetic Code
  • Session #6: Naming Your Seed
  • Session #7: Finding Your Place As The End Times Unfold

What Others Have Said About This Course

"If your job was to stir the pot and wake people up, you have certainly accomplished that for me! The assignments brought out what I have needed to take ownership of for quite some time. I pray I have the courage to talk it out from here!"  


"I was blown away by this course. You helped me understand what I have sensed for so long but had no words to explain it."


"This course has changed my outlook on life in a major way. Everything I do and think about now is focused on how it relates to the Day of the Lord. This is no little thing." 


"Every week was like an unexpected adventure which revealed my calling in ways I had never thought of before. You took me from a two-dimensional perspective to multi-dimensional and made self-exploration both fun and inspirational!"


"This course is a riveting, deep dive into what it means to walk closely with God in today's world. It has been an honor to be under your teaching." 


"I have been so hungry for well-researched, truthful 'meat' and loved how the content came alive concerning what the Lord Jesus meant by 'as in the days of Noah.'"


"Your message is awakening and repositioning many to engage them in the Days of the Lord, now!'"

Can I View Individual Sessions Rather Than Purchase The Whole Course?

Yes, if you just need one or two modules or if your budget is limited, these sessions may be purchased individually for $20 ea. To find out what's in each module, click on the title below for that session's content. Just know that if you purchase each one separately, you'll end up paying $140 for the course…instead of getting everything for only $120. It's totally up to you.

If you wish to purchase a single video, go to the Videos page and select the one you want to purchase separately.

Navigate The End Times_Session #1: "God's Times and Seasons"

In this introduction session, I outline the overview for the entire 7-session course. It will introduce you to the foundational biblical principles which:

  • Align you better with your Jewish roots.
  • Uncover the destiny God put inside you before you were born.
  • Identify the signs that show we are living right before the Day of the Lord.

My ultimate goal is to guide you into finding YOUR place in these End Times.

In this first session, you will learn key Hebrew concepts pertaining to God's Times and Seasons. You'll be introduced to the Hebrew word Tavniot (Pictures, exact replicas) - a communication style of using metaphorical language, which is the way God speaks. As I show you examples of word pictures and actual pictures layered with multiple meanings, you will begin to see and hear God in new ways!

NOTE: This webinar is part of an entire course comprised of six modules. You are welcome to purchase it separately – but there is considerable savings if you purchase the entire course. See course information HERE.

  • Assignments Before Session #1

    I outline the reading assignments to prepare you for this session. Additionally, I provide specific questions I encourage you to answer. This self-paced style of study has been found to be helpful in chronicling your personal self-discovery. Where you begin with Session #1 is very different from where you will see yourself by the end of the course. NOTE: If at any point during the sessions, you wish to discuss something with me, you can always book a coaching session. To do so, go to my Coaching section on my website at and click on "Book A Session." The first 30-minutes is always free. After that, session rates are $150/hr.

  • Next Steps for Further Study

    This handout is for after you have completed Session 1. You may feel overwhelmed by all that you presently do not understand. Then again, you may be hungry for more. This handout includes links to valuable resources from my mentor, Rabbi Michael Washer…for whenever you may want to access them.

Navigate The End Times_Session #2: "Understand The Levitical Calling"

This session is arguably my most important teaching because it has taken so many years of my life to understand this calling and walk it out. The heart of it comes from the signature book chronicling my 50+ walk with the Lord. If you have felt called closer to God but are confused by the difficult journey you have had in your life thusfar, I believe this session will be a revelation.

It will shed light on why you have gone through such terrible trials. You are being called, refined, separated and consecrated for a most holy assignment.

Just as not every Jew was a Levite…so not every believer in Jesus has a Levitical calling. But if you are so called, you will learn what a precious invitation God is extending to you...and what it means for your life.

  • Assignments Before Session #2

    You will notice on each assignment, part of the reading prepares you for the session itself. The reading from "The Days of Noah" is one section at a time. By Session #7, I will bring all of that together with the other topics we have been covering. It will all make sense!

Navigate The End Times_Session #3: "Examination of Body of Christ - Part 1"

Sessions #3 and #4 are taken from the Levitical Master Course "See As God Sees." I bring these modules into this course because they are foundational to help connect you with your Jewish roots.

You may feel overwhelmed in this part of the course. Bear with me. You will learn how far away Christians have strayed from the "faith of our forefathers." That was by design of the enemy. This "disconnect" is a very real phenomenon - but goes away over time once we embrace the way God sees and desire to re-connect.

I encourage you to read the reviews of students of this course - whose lives were literally changed in measurable ways.

NOTE: If you want more of the Jewish roots foundation after you have completed this course, please contact me at and let me know you'd like to have access to the entire Levitical Master Course. I am happy to set up for you a discounted price.

  • Assignments Before Session #3

Navigate The End Times_Session #4: "Examination of Body of Christ - Part 2"

This session is a continuation of Sessions #3 and taken from the Levitical Master Course "See As God Sees." It establishes for you God's chosen foundation and answers:

  • Why Christianity split from Judaism.
  • What does the New Testament say about doing Judaism.
  • Ways we can rebuild our Hebraic foundation.
  • How to begin to transition into your calling.

NOTE: If you want more of the Jewish roots foundation after you have completed this course, please contact me at and let me know you'd like to have access to the entire Levitical Master Course. I am happy to set up for you a discounted price.

  • Assignments Before Session #4

    You will see the reading assignments in The Levitical Calling begin to dovetail with what was going on in Noah's day. Again, I encourage you to write out your answers to the questions in each assignment, as they will help you in processing your interaction with the material and applying the principles to your life.

Navigate The End Times_Session #5: "Cracking Your Genetic Code"

Session #5 and Session #6 are modules that come from my course, Journey To The Center of You. They contain foundational biblical principles concerning your calling and what God deposited into you before you were born.

I learned these lessons during the 3-years I pulled away to spend with the Lord after losing almost everything. I was broken-hearted by what appeared to be "God destroying my life." It made no sense since I had followed Him faithfully for so many years. I was desperate to learn what He created me to be and to do with my life.

These two sessions contain the keys to what changed my life.

NOTE: If you want more of the "calling lessons" after completing this course, please email me at and tell me you'd like to have access to the complete Journey course. I am happy to set up a discounted rate for you.

  • Assignments Before Session #5

    This file contains your reading assignments and questions for self-discovery.

  • What's Stopping You?

    This is an exercise to complete before viewing this session.

Navigate The End Times_Session #6: "Naming Your Seed"

This session is a continuation of the "Calling" modules that come from my course, Journey To The Center of You. Here is an outline of what this session contains:

  • How Dreams Are God's Seeds of Destiny
  • The 3-Stage Journey of the Seed
  • Learn Your DNA Motivational Patterns
  • Your Personal Seed Investment Inventory
  • How Your Seed Speaks To You

It is during this session when many "aha" moments come. Be prepared with paper and pen to record the memories from your life as they surface during the teaching. As a teacher, seeing the lightbulbs go on in students is such a thrill. Again, please read the testimonials in the general course description.

NOTE: If you want to take the entire Journey course to learn more about yourself, please email me at and tell me. I am happy to set up a discounted rate for you. Your self-discovery is very important to the Lord!

  • Assignments Before Session #6

    This assignment will stretch your thinking about yourself. Self-discovery is not a one-time thing. It is a process. You learn more and more about the unique way God designed YOU. Each new awareness impacts your view of yourself and what He called you to do in life.

  • Whoo Are You? (Exercise to Uncover Your Gifts & Motivations)

    Please do not attempt to complete this before viewing Session #6. It is included here to give you a guideline on how to do it. Take your time with it. It's something you can do once you finish the course teaching itself. Actually, doing this exercise was tremendously helpful in my own understanding of my calling....and I dedicated the time it took for proper self-reflection. Input from family and close friends are encouraged and can be enlightening.

Navigate The End Times_Session #7: "Finding Your Place As End Times Unfold"

This is the longest session in the course. This is when everything comes together.

Here's an overview:

  • Takeaways from the end of Noah's journey*.
  • Takeaways from our Levitical assignment.
  • Insights from the End of Jesus' life.
  • Insights from the end of 40 years in the wilderness.
  • Understand what God has given YOU to carry. (i.e., Where is your "seed" now?)
  • A "Ladder Days" visual to carry with you.

NOTE: I recommend you view the first section on Noah's journey separately from the rest of the sections. It is heavy....we (the class and I) were all impacted by the sheer application to where we are today. Give yourself a break after this section and chronicle your own responses to the material. (Everything you have been reading in The Days of Noah will come alive to you.)

The remaining sections can all be viewed at the same time. Noah's foundation adds so much dimension into what this means in your life. What is your present understanding – given what we uncovered here – of where we are in God's timetable. This will help you see the options before you and provide wisdom in what you should be spending your time doing before Messiah comes for us.

  • Assignments Before Session #7

    Take your time with the reading. You'll see some of the questions and reflections have to do with what you enjoyed most about this course. Please feel free to email me your feedback. I pray you were challenged, enriched, empowered and enlightened in all that God has put inside of you! God bless.

  • Seed Investment Analysis Exercise

    Please do your best to complete before viewing the teaching module. Don't worry about the column concerning your cash investment. That would take too long to do...I just want you to get a glimpse in all you have done to invest in what you have felt led to do with your life.

  • Next Steps After Completing The "Navigating The End Times" Course

    This document provides links to important resources mentioned in Session #7, as well as to other courses and monographs you may be interested in. It also provides a link to set up one-on-one coaching sessions if you would like personalized feedback on your specific journey. It is always an honor to help someone get to that "next step." God bless!